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Comentarios GP de Canadá 2022

Publicado: Lun Jun 20, 2022 9:56 am
por rigodon
Bueno, los resultados ya están en LiveRacers, la repe donde siempre y vamos a recordar las cosas que miramos de oficio:
  • Todo lo que ocurra en la primera vuelta
  • Todo lo que ocurra en periodo de SC
  • Salidas de boxes
Si queréis que miremos cualquier otra cosa, tenéis que enviar reclamación a organizacion@nrdleague.es en un plazo de 48 horas desde el fin de la carrera. El reglamento permite a cualquier piloto reclamar acciones aunque no esté involucrado en ellas.

Re: Comentarios GP de Canadá 2022

Publicado: Lun Jun 20, 2022 10:36 am
por Ricardo Ferreira
Well bad race for me.

I don't remember running a race with so many mistakes from my side..
Like I said in Discord, lack of motivation or patience or concentration for this race and soon I notice setup wasnot working proper.

Stupid mistakes like cutting the track and got a DT, choosing the wrong tyres to pit, using too much fuel and forget to remove the damage repair in pit, damage that I had when Juma overtook me.

So P5 feel ok, since I was 1s per lap slower, anyway since Spain it seems I lost some pace, but it's setup related. Need to understand the reason.

Races more and less same time that real lifes are a big problem. But that's what we have.

Look forward.

Re: Comentarios GP de Canadá 2022

Publicado: Lun Jun 20, 2022 2:48 pm
por Atze Morgenrot
Hi all,
...racing again after long time really enlighted me, although i was very slow, hopefully i did not block anybody.
Had to check so many things while racing, this mode and this competition is really nice, but i have to learn a lot.
Mostly the start.
My complete way of shifting and driving seems to be wrong with these cars, so while racing i tried to change,
but this leaded into some moments of inconcentration...
Another problem was fuel; the first 20 laps i was able to keep contact, but with alot of boosting.
So i recognized, my fuel won´t be enough, and tried to save. Was driving with 149l and on boost 2.
Can´t explain myself, how it´s possible to do 1.11,xxx in race with that amount of fuel.
I´m glad i made the race, but this was the most bad place i ever did...
Maybe i get another chance in england, hopefully i will be a little faster then.
And also hopefully i can learn to do a better setup, which was my speciality before, and learn how to drive fast
AND save fuel.
Greets from Atze

Re: Comentarios GP de Canadá 2022

Publicado: Lun Jun 20, 2022 4:17 pm
por Ricardo Ferreira
In race you need to use Boost 1 and temp boost in some parts of track.
Here its always 150/racelaps = fuel per lap