How do I get started?


What do I need to Join The League?

  1. PC (matching minimum prerequisites for game)

  2. rFactor 2 (original)

  3. Steering Wheel compatible with Your PC

  4. Internet Connection (with low ping)

If you meet these prerequisites, you can join our league, You shoud register in our website and, if you wish, you can introduce yourself to other members in the forums created for that matter.

Once registered, you can enter our server, open 24/7 for training. Usually we have «NRD 1 – Formula NRD» running, but sometimes we start «NRD 2» for wet weather training or other championships.

NOTICE: Our championship is completely free. Of course we have some costs covered by organization members. We welcome (but don't request) voluntary donations.

Formula NRD car is automatically downloaded when you enter our server. It's also available on Steam Workshop rfactor 2 in Steam

If you just want to drive a few laps for fun in our server, you don't need anything else. However, if you want to join our races, you need to meet a few requisites:

  1. Install Discord (audio chat)

  2. Reading and understanding the regulations

  3. Prequalify for GP

You can race meeting these prerequisites selecting the generic car. Mimimum required number of laps to participate is 50% of race distance and your best lap can't be above 107% of the best one. We suggest training with race setup, you'll have less surprises over a race distance. Grid is limited to 24 drivers, but we can allow some more occasionally. If you want to race for a team, it's a good idea to use the forum to say you're available.

«Starter Kit» with useful links:

NRD Discord Channel   

Live view y clasificación de la liga

Formula NRD Regulations

"I'd like to introduce myself" forum

And, of course don't hesitate asking anything. In this community there's nice people who'll help you.

Twitch NRD Channel, live broadcasts

NRD League TV Youtube Channel

Facebook Page

NRD League, online racing since 2003

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